North Dakota Tribal College REU


The North Dakota Tribal College REU Site will provide a research program for undergraduates during the summers of 2009-2011. Eight Tribal College students will be selected each year to participate in an intensive 10-week research program in ecology. Research will be conducted by students under the guidance of mentors from Sitting Bull College, Turtle Mountain Community College and others. Students will be involved in ecological research focusing on avian ecology and brood parasitism, the ecology and bio-accumulation of heavy metals in turtles, and the ecology of West Nile virus.
Students will conduct individual research projects while becoming part of a summer research team. Research projects will focus on culturally-important issues of concern for Reservation communities in areas of environmental health and natural resource management. It is expected that this program will increase the recruitment, retention, and completion of Native American students in science, while providing a solid foundation for these students to be successful in graduate programs beyond the Tribal Colleges.
Students receive stipends and allowances for meals, travel, and lodging.
Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Project Principal Investigator, Dr. Jeremy Guinn, by email at or by phone at (701) 854-8037.

Summer 2011 Program Announcement

2011 REU Application Form

Ecological and Vegetative indicators of tuber biomass in Pediomelum esculentum on the Standing Rock Reservation - Audra Stonefish
Soil Metal Containments Research Project - Harvey LaRocque
Heavy Metal Concentrations in the rhizomes of Typha latifolia in relation to a manufacturing site on the Spirit Lake Reservation - Duane Jackson
Sample Preparation and Retention of Volatiles on Soil Matrices for Gas Chromatography - Dr. Lori Gourneau
Comparison and Analysis of Sioux County Stock Dam Waters - Sean White Mountain
Sample Preparation Comparison and Analysis of VOCs for Gas Chromatography - Mike Caboy
Minnow Species in new and old water systems of Sioux County - Chris Montclair
Northern Leopard Frog Distribution and Morphology in Sioux County, ND - Chad Shields
Nesting Responses of Loggerhead Shrike and Brown Thrashers to changes in annual temperature and precipitation - Allyson Two Bears
Comparison of Established and Inundated Intermittent Lentic-Standing Water Systems on Standing Rock - Ann Solano
Distribution of Reptiles and Amphibians in Sioux Co.: Biodiversity Comparison of Re-established and Permanent Water Systems - Carla Fiddler