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Information Technology - Associate of Science

Program Description

We live in a computerized and networked society.  Supporting these computers and networks offers a wide job market with a variety of locations and environments. Technology is driving businesses and governments today, especially health care, financial services, public utilities, sales, and mining and manufacturing. Individuals own personal computers, tablets, smartphones and home networks, and a wide variety of other computerized devices. Computer specialists will require technical skills to work with computers, networks and devices; and communications skills to work with employers, co-workers and end-users.
The IT student at SBC will develop a firm foundation in Information Technology to prepare for employment and/or for seeking a baccalaureate degree. This program will prepare students to enter into the world of work with the most commonly accepted IT certifications; CompTIA’s A+ for IT technicians, Cisco CCNA, and Cisco CCT. The courses offered at SBC are standardized with the North Dakota University System’s common course numbering system, preparing students to transfer to a four-year institution of higher learning for more advanced degrees.

Program Outcomes

  • The student will demonstrate the applications of computer information systems and fundamental computer concepts.
    • The student will configure and enhance the hardware and software of a computer to optimize computer performance.
    • The student will install internal and external options and devices.
    • The student will utilize tools, hardware components, and hardware/software interfacing to troubleshoot computer problems.
    • The student will plan and implement a technical solution for networking in small business environment.
    • The student will create IP addressing plans for a small network and implement a network equipment upgrade.
  • The student will investigate issues and/or solve problems using current topics in computing as well as application of industry trends.
  • The student will understand the following as related to Python:
    • How to construct user interfaces for simple programs, and design functional systems.
    • Analyze and construct effective and efficient algorithms and appropriate control structure effectively use software development tools including editors, compilers, and libraries.
  • The student can apply knowledge and skills to wide range of information technology careers.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to work in Information Technology (IT) departments for various businesses and organizations--Computer Technician, Computer Operator, Computer Support Specialist, Help Desk Support, Information Security Analyst, Network Security Analyst, Systems Administrator, Security Administrator, Network Administrator, and Data Security Administrator.

Contact Information

Gabriella Arellano
Telephone: (701) 854-8028