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Environmental Science - Associate of Science

Program Description

This program is designed to prepare students for employment or transfer to the Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science or other institutions of higher learning in such areas as wildlife management, environmental quality, and range and grassland management. 

Program Outcomes

  • The proper use of environmental sampling equipment and current technology in the classroom and in the field according to accepted "Standard Methods";
  • The ability to conduct field sampling and monitoring of air, water, soil, and biomass using appropriate sampling equipment according to accepted "Standard Methods";
  • The ability to conduct an environmental site assessment;
  • The ability to describe, orally and in writing, the similarities and differences between traditional and modern views of the Earth
  • The ability to demonstrate an understanding of methodology in science research;
  • The ability to describe biological, chemical, and physical influences on environmental media;
  • The ability to describe transport mechanisms for contaminants as they travel through various environmental media; and
  • The demonstration of general knowledge of environmental issues and develops an understanding of environmental impacts resulting from human activities

Contact Information

Daniel Buresh
Telephone: (701) 854-8026
Email: Dan.Buresh@sittingbull.edu

Mafany Ndiva Mongoh 
Telephone: (701) 854-8051
Email: Mafany.Mongoh@sittingbull.edu
Francis Onduso
Telephone: (701) 854-8012
Email: Francis.Onduso@sittingbull.edu

Renae Schmitt
Telephone: (701) 854-8036
Email: Renae.Schmitt@sittingbull.edu