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Practical Nursing - Associate of Science

Program Description

The Practical Nursing Program is a fully accredited program that is an integral part of Sitting Bull College. This technical program exists to create the vision and behavior of a balanced, responsible, holistic health care practitioner. The primary aim of this program is to facilitate the development of competent practical nurses prepared to serve in an evolving health care environment.

Program Outcomes

  • The student will practice holistic, safe, technical nursing care in meeting the health care needs of individuals and families across the lifespan, regardless of cultural background.
  • The student will demonstrate technical level skill in critical thinking, communication, and therapeutic nursing interventions.
  • The student will utilize the nursing process to give culturally focused care.
  • The student will function as a member of the health care team contributing on integrated client-centered health care plans across multiple disciplines.
  • The student will practice within the ethical and legal guidelines of the Nurse Practices Act.
  • The student will demonstrate leadership skills consistent with the role of a practical nurse in collaboration with registered nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, or licensed practitioners.

Career Opportunities

LPN jobs can be found in many locations, including hospitals, residential facilities, doctor’s offices, and private homes. An LPN may also work in a primary care clinic or act as a community educator. Still others work for government agencies as public health nurses. Most types of LPN jobs depend on one’s particular training and level of experience.

Contact Information

Lindsey Helm
Telephone: (701) 854-8044