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Teacher Education - Associate of Science

Program Description

Sitting Bull College provides an Associate of Science degree designed to prepare students for specialized vocational training as Paraprofessionals in a K-12 school setting.  Additional course work is also provided through Sitting Bull College for those pursuing a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and Secondary Science.   Students will be required to complete a background check prior to any field experience. 

The Associate of Science degree is a requirement for employment and career opportunities by North and South Dakota Department of Education for paraprofessionals.  

Program Outcomes

  • The candidate will demonstrate discipline content knowledge, pedagogical and professional knowledge, and skills/dispositions needed to educate all learners through field and practicum experiences.
  • The candidate will demonstrate and use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous development of the diverse learner.
  • The candidate will be a reflective thinker who continually evaluates the effects of his/her choices and actions on others and who seeks opportunities to serve the community and grow professionally.
  • The candidate will demonstrate knowledge and sensitivity of global cultures/ethnicities, and an awareness of diverse learning styles, with a focus on Ochethi Sakowin culture and language. 
  • The candidate will demonstrate the ability to integrate tools of instructional and assistive technology into teaching and professional practice.

Career Opportunities

Paraprofessional in K-12 school settings. 

Contact Information

Chris Fried
Telephone: (701) 854-8040
Email: Chris.Fried@sittingbull.edu  

Travis Frank 
Telephone: (701) 854-8016
Email: Travis.Frank@sittingbull.edu

Derek Stewart
Telephone: (701) 854-8034
Email: Derek.Stewart@sittingbull.edu