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Auditing a Course

Students who wish to audit courses at SBC must apply for and receive the permission of the Dean of Academics.  A student may not request such permission until after the regular registration period as regular enrollees have a priority in filing the class.

The following conditions apply:
  1. Only lecture type course may be audited.  Audits will not be permitted in classes requiring special equipment (example: computers).  Audits will be allowed in the Language, Arts, and Sciences.  
  2. No academic credit will be granted.
  3. Student must follow SBC’s registration process.
  4. The student may not switch from the audit to regular registration or vice versa after the last day to add a class.
  5. The audit registration will appear on the student’s transcript.
  6. Students will be required to pay for the cost of the book, the registration fee, lab fees, and one-half of the tuition rates.