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2022-2023 Disbursement Schedule

Federal financial aid [Pell grant] first disbursement is scheduled to be paid on these dates:
Fall 2022 Term Sep. 15 (direct deposit) Sep. 16 (check)
Spring 2023 Term Jan. 19 (direct deposit) Jan. 20 (check)
Summer 2023 Term June 08 (direct deposit) June 09 (check)

Federal financial aid funds will only be issued to students who have a completed financial aid file.  Financial Aid files that are completed after the first scheduled stipend date will be paid out on the next scheduled financial aid disbursement date. Pell grants are paid once per semester unless the student requests more disbursements or another funding source pays for the student’s tuition, books, and fees.
If a student’s FAFSA application is selected for verification, no funds shall be issued from Title IV federal financial aid sources until verification is completed.  If selected, students will be notified by the Financial Aid Office.

Students who are awarded funds in excess of tuition, books, fees, rent, and daycare will receive their funding in disbursements on the following dates. 

Fall 2022 (paid out on first Friday of month in fall term except in September):                 
Sep. 15, 2022       [direct deposit]                        Sep 16, 2022          [check]       
Sep. 22, 2022       [direct deposit]                        Sep 23, 2022          [check]
Oct .06, 2022        [direct deposit]                        Oct. 07, 2022         [check]
Nov.03, 2022        [direct deposit]                         Nov.04, 2022         [check]
Dec.01, 2022        [direct deposit]                         Dec.02, 2022         [check]

Spring 2023 (paid out the first Friday of the month in spring term (except January):    

Jan.19, 2023        [direct deposit]                         Jan. 20, 2023         [check]       
Feb.02, 2023        [direct deposit]                         Feb.03, 2023         [check]
Mar.02, 2023        [direct deposit]                         Mar.03, 2023        [check]       
Mar.30, 2023        [direct deposit]                         Mar. 31, 2023       [check]       
Apr.27, 2023         [direct deposit]                         Apr.28, 2023         [check]

Summer 2023 paid out on first Friday of the month in summer term):          
June 08, 2023       [direct deposit]                         June 09, 2023       [check]
June 29, 2023       [direct deposit]                         June 30, 2023       [check]

How are funds disbursed?
Financial aid disbursements may be issued to students as a debit on their SBC Mazaska debit Master Card or on their personal bank account debit card.  Funds are sent to the bank on the date listed as [direct deposit].  Depending upon your bank you may see the funds on the day listed or the next day.  If a student prefers not to use a debit card, their financial aid will be disbursed in a check.  Checks are mailed on the date listed as [check].  Please make sure that you have listed a valid mailing address on your registration form.
An ATM machine is available at the Fort Yates campus in the Student Services Department.  More information is included in the Financial Aid Section of the current SBC Bulletin.  Brochures are also available at the Financial Aid Office in Fort Yates.
Attendance will be verified before financial aid disbursements are authorized.  Funds may be withheld from any student who has not attended class during the two weeks prior to the disbursement date.
~        If there is an issue with a student’s attendance, no funds will be disbursed to the students' account.
~        The student will be required to meet with the academic or career counselor prior to any disbursement of funds.