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Student Employment

The purpose of the Federal Work-Study Program is to promote and expand part-time employment opportunities for students who require additional funds in order to attend Sitting Bull College. Sitting Bull College will utilize all the positions available on FWS for jobs within the college.

  • STUDENT ELIGIBILITY Students enrolled in at least six credit hours per semester in an approved course of study and in academic good standing at Sitting Bull College and who have a demonstrated financial need may be eligible to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program, employment priority may be given to full-time students. Students must apply for and establish Federal Work-Study Program eligibility through the Sitting Bull College Financial Aid Office.
  • REQUESTING EMPLOYEES Any Sitting Bull College department/office may submit a formal written request to the  Financial Aid Office (FAO) for a  Federal Work-Study Program employee or employees. This request must include a brief job description for each job type and further designate the supervisor for each job. First requests come, first served.

Current Positions

+Visitor Center Assistant
Supervisor:          Jennifer Martel, Sitting Bull College Visitor Center Coordinator

Pay Rate:             $15.00/hour
Max. Hours:        20 weekly/40 bi-weekly

Duties:                  Assist customers in the Visitor Center
Answer incoming telephone calls and respond to all inquiries
Check email daily and respond to all inquiries
Maintain accurate counts of visitors, email, and phone inquiries
Assist Coordinator to produce monthly visitor count reports
Maintain brochure racks
Participate in training opportunities
Organize and maintain files
Assist with the production and coordination of special educational, social, and cultural events
Other duties as assigned

Qualifications:     Required Skills
Customer service experience
Ability to communicate with the public
General office skills
Proficiency, or willingness to learn, Microsoft Office software applications

Desired Skills
Knowledge of local attractions and history

+Book Store Assistant
Supervisor:           Tracy Mahar, Bookstore Manager

Pay Rate:              $15/hour

Max. Hours:         20 weekly/40 bi-weekly
Duties:                  Perform general duties in stocking and invoicing books and promotional items as follows:
Invoice books and promotional items into the computer (POS)
Check out book sales and other items to students and the general public
Package and return unused books each semester
Pull and match all student invoices in both alphabetical and numerical order each semester
Run cash register for all cash and charge items
Qualifications:    Applicant should have computer knowledge as well as some accounting and business skills. Preference shall be given to a second semester student enrolled in the Business Administration program. 
+Library Assistant
Supervisor:           Jodi Thunder Hawk-Mongoh, Director of Library Services

Pay Rate:              $15/hour

Max. Hours:         20 weekly/40 bi-weekly

Duties:                  Assist with securing audio-visual (A-V) equipment that is checked out and returned to the library
(know how to set up the equipment and getting it to work)
Typing and filing of library materials
Check out books
Check in returned books, periodicals, journals that come in each day
Shelve books
Other duties as assigned

Qualifications:     Must be pleasant and able to work with people 
Must have good communications skills
Ability to type 40 wpm
Knowledge of computer word and processing helpful
Knowledge of Library of Congress classification system helpful. 
+Criminal Justice Office Assistant
Supervisor:          Rick SyWassink, Criminal Justice Instructor

Rate:                     $15/hour

Max. Hours:         20 weekly/40 bi-weekly

Duties:                  Sort inventory property to be sold by the department
Clean up old materials that need to be destroyed
Sort materials and equipment for the building of two crime scene kits
Search computer stoarage, thumb drives, and locate crime scene photos
Organize storage space and inventory and store equipment/supplies
Make copies of handouts and organize for classes
Other duties as assigned
+Transit Janitor/Housekeeper
Supervisor:           Pam Ternes, Public Transit Director

Pay Rate:              $15/hour

Max. Hours:         20 weekly/40 bi-weekly

Duties:                  Sweep, mop, scrub, and vacuum floors
Gather and empty trash
Service, clean and supply restrooms
Clean and polish furniture and fixtures
Clean windows, glass partitions, and mirros
Dust furniture, walls, machines, and equipment
Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment, to
prevent damage to floors and fixtures
Assist in maintaining interior and exterior appearance, inlcuding painting, lawn mowing, raking, snow removal, etc.
Check all doors for security
Perform janitorial/grounds keeping duties as assigned by Transit Coordinator
Provide friendly, helpful customer service to transit passengers and visitors

Qualifications:     Must pass a federal background check and drug/alcohol test
High School Diploma/GED
Dependability and flexibility