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Clubs & Organizations

Student Government Organization

The primary functions of the Student Government Organization are the allocation of student activity funds and to provide for programs, which meet the needs of the students in the area of education, culture, social activity, and student welfare.  In addition, the organization provides for student involvement in the college decision-making process and communication between college administration and students.
Election for new officers to serve as a representative in the SBC Student Government is held in fall of each year.

 American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) 

The American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) Chapter is part of a national organization designed to promote and support the American Indian business student and/or entrepreneur.  AIBL's primary focus is to use its student foundation to assist tribal economic growth and stability through an emphasis in maintaining culturally appropriate American Indian business development.  AIBL student chapters are designed to provide peer support, leadership/mentoring opportunities, career guidance, business networking connections, and internship placement opportunities.

Anime Club

The Anime Club meets to discuss, show, and promote anime, and manga to students and to broaden the Japanese cultural understanding.

AISES/Ecology Club

The purpose of our AISES/Ecology Club is to increase education awareness with club members own knowledge of ecology by adding our values and principles of not only what we have learned in classes, but by our tradition and heritage. We, as members can raise outreach throughout our college and community to educate our students, to educate our students as well as community members on the ecological practices and create an environment that has been enhanced with the knowledge of what we have been taught.

AIHEC (American Indian Higher Education Constorium)

Students are offered opportunities each year to compete with students from other tribally controlled colleges in areas of math, science, office simulations, computers, speech, athletics, cultural activities, art, and the "Knowledge Bowl" (similar to Jeopardy game).  Students have the opportunity to participate in activities of the AIHEC Student Congress as well as serve as officers of the Student Congress.  

Culture Club

The purpose of the Culture Club is to promote and renew interest in the cultural heritage of Native Americans.

DIY Art Club

DIY Art Club members participate in individual, school-wide, and community based art projects, and partnerships which will increase each student’s confidence as well as help develop a sense of school and community pride. Students will be building leadership, teamwork, social skills, building self-esteem, and critical thinking skills, which will help students not only in the art club but when they continue their education in post education atmosphere. By creating a DIY Art Club on campus we are able to give back in more ways than one. Living on campus and in a rural area our students are limited to options when it comes activities and home/holiday décor. When students join the club they will have the opportunity to create their own art/décor and have the option of taking it home or offering it for club fundraising.

Fitness Club

The purpose of the Fitness Club is to promote and generate interest in health, fitness, and well-being.

Geek Oyate Club

Geek Oyate is a technology club focused on building leadership skills, exploring innovative ideas, and providing students with the opportunity to learn about various technology fields.

Rodeo Club

The SBC Rodeo Club is organized to assist and develop extracurricular activities and opportunities for SBC students, faculty, staff and the general public.

Teacher Club

Members promote participation in college activities, gain an understanding of cooperation through fund raising activities, provide community service to area school systems and establish positive ties with professional educational organizations.

Two Spirit Club

Two Spirit Club is to provide opportunities for LGBTQ+ students and allies to meet, to serve as members of a campus community, to encourage intellectual enrichment and professional growth through forums and presentations; and to elevate the stature of our communities through club programming.