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Transfer Credits

Students who have attended college elsewhere must notify Sitting Bull College of all previous enrollments.  Students are required to have all official transcripts sent to the Registrar.
Transfer credits of “C”, or better will be accepted if they apply to the student’s degree plan. Students must contact their Advisor for specific information about what core credits may be transferred and how these credits fulfill any degree requirements.
Students who transfer from an accredited institution of higher learning and are short credits in a particular general education or core requirement course will require the following:
  • If they are less than one credit short, they will not be required to repeat the general education or core requirement course.
  • If they are more than one credit short the student will be required to repeat the course.
  • If a student has taken courses such as ENGL 110 and ENGL 120 and is short from the six (6) hour requirements of Composition at Sitting Bull College, they can combine the credits for 110 and will only need to repeat 120.
Transfer students must earn a minimum of fifteen (15) credits at SBC prior to graduation for an Associate degree, (30) credits for a Bachelor’s degree, and (24) credits for a Master’s degree.


Sitting Bull College may award credit for certain Military Training Programs based on these limits and regulations:
  • Students must be currently accepted into a degree seeking, certificate, or diploma program to be awarded military training credits.
  • A student must be enrolled in any SBC course during the term for which the request is made in order for military training credits to be posted to the official SBC transcript.
  • Students should be aware that military training credits may not transfer to other colleges. Students are urged to check the intended transfer institution for current transfer information.  SBC is not responsible for transferability of military training credits.
Student will not be granted military training credit for courses:
  • In which they have previously challenged OR
  • In which they are currently enrolled OR
  • In which they were previously enrolled (regardless of grade earned) OR
  • In which they have earned transfer credit from any accredited institution OR
  • In which they were enrolled but dropped with record on an official transcript
Military training credits do not have letter grades assigned, thus, will not be used to compute a student’s grade point average.
Military credits, once recorded on a student’s SBC transcript, become a permanent part of the academic record.
The number of credits awarded by Sitting Bull College shall be based on the following:
  • The credit awarded for similar course(s) offered at Sitting Bull College
The student must provide official, verifiable documentation of successful completion of a military training program (Joint Service Transcript including USMAP Apprenticeship, if applicable).These records must show dates of attendance/completion, site of training, course of program title and training identification numbers, and designation of military branch.